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Take this step-by-step approach to completing the child support worksheets to make sure you get the right answers!

  1. Review the information on the forms page to see which form(s) are applicable to the parenting situation in your case. Then select which form to use: Basic Child Support, Split Custody Child Support or Shared Custody Child Support.
  2. Gather the information listed in the next column under "Gathering the Numbers." With these numbers you should be ready to fill in the forms.
  3. Open the appropriate form either from the free online forms or the calculating SupportSolver forms.
    Manual Forms
    SupportSolver™ Calculators
  4. If using the manual forms, go to the Child Support Guidelines support schedule, find the combined parents income in the left column and then find the child support obligation in the column representing the number of children in the family. If the combined income falls between two figures in the chart, you will need to extrapolate. If using SupportSolver calculating forms, the forms complete these steps for you.
  5. For technical support or additonal help using the forms, go to the help page.
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You will need to gather all the numbers before completing the child support forms or using the SupportSolver calculators.

  1. Find the court number for the case on your Circuit Court or JDR Court paperwork.
  2. Calculate the gross monthly income for both parties.  Divide an annual salary by 12. Multiply weekly wages by 4.33, semi-monthly wages by 2 and bi-weekly by 2.167. Include average or typical overtime and round amounts below .50 down and amounts of .50 or above up. For self-employed and other special circumstances, read the instructions for each form.
  3. Know the amount of spousal support that each parent pays or receives even if it is related to another spouse.
  4. Know the amount of any child support paid for other children not part of the current family. For children of other relationships living with the parent, follow the form's directions for calculating the support obligation for that child and deduct that amount.
  5. Know the amount of self-employment type income and related employment taxes.
  6. Know the amount that health care insurance costs for the child(ren). This is usually the difference between the paying parents single-coverage cost and family-coverage cost.
  7. Know the amount of employment related child care that each parent pays. See the form's instructions for further details.
  8. Optional: Calculate the amount of the actual tax benefit received by the parent(s) who pay for employment related child care. You will need to consult tax returns for this and, possibly, seek help from an accountant or tax preparer.
  9. Figure out the total number of "days" the child(ren) spend with each parent. A day is a 24 hour period. A half-day can be counted, by the non-primary care parent, for each overnight. A half-day cannot be counted for a period of less than 24 hours that does not include an overnight. Also parts of days cannot be added up and divided by 24 to come up with additional days
  10. Read the instructions for each line carefully and review the statutes for any other deductions or adjustments that might be applicable.
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The amount of child support as calculated from the guidelines is the presumptively correct amount under the law unless rebutted by evidence showing that the guideline amount would be unjust.

These links take you directly to the current full text of the Virginia Child Support statutes on the Virginia Code web site. Section 20-108.1, Determination of Child Support, establishes the child support guidelines framework and sets out the factors necessary to deviate from the guidelines.  Section 20-108.2 gives the specific Child Support Guidelines.

20-108.1, Determination Read the text
20-108.2, Guidelines Read the text
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The Virginia General Assembly made no changes to the Child Support Guidelines during 2005.

The following 2004 changes went into effect on July 1, 2004. The changes are color coded to make it easier to rapidly determine the effect of the changes

Full Text of Changes Read the text

There were three major changes:

1. Gross income, for purposes of child support calculation, was redefined to exclude income from a second job obtained in order to pay a child support arrearage.

Gross Income Change Read the text


2. Extraordinary medical expenses were removed from the child support calculation on all the forms. Instead, a court can order that any unreimbursed medical expenses which exceed $250 per child in any one year can be divided between the parents according to their income shares and be paid as they are incurred.

Extraordinary Medical Read the text


3. Actual tax benefits that flow to a party that pays for qualifying child care can now be factored into (i.e. deducted from) the basic support obligation.

Tax Benefit change Read the text
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