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Child support is an important issue and forms submitted to court need to be accurate. We insure that the forms and calculations are up to date by having them all on our server.

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Answers to most questions about completing the child support worksheets can be found in the statutes and instructions for each form. To find answers to your questions, first review the law and procedures page and the forms page. Then try the index below to take you straight to the applicable code section.

Law & Procedures
Forms Page

20-108.1, Determination of Child Support
20-108.2, Guidelines
20-124.2, Court Ordered Custody
Age of Child, Over 18
Arrearages, Second Job
Basic Custody
Child Care Expenses
Child Care Tax Credits & Deductions
Child Support Income
Credit for Disability Insurance
Custody Share
Day Defined for Shared Support
Deviation from Guidelines, Factors
Exclusions from Gross Income
Exemptions from minimum support payment
Extrapolation between guideline amounts
Gross Income defined
Guidelines Schedule
Health and Dental Insurance
Imputed Income
Income Share
Lesser Amount of Shared or Sole
Minimum Child Support
Minimum Standard
Other Child in Home
Other Child Support
Poverty Level
Public Assistance
Retroactive Child Support
Retroactive Liability, Averaging Income
Second Job to Pay Arrearages
Self-employment Expenses
Self-Employment Tax
Shared Custody
Sole Custody
Split Custody
Spousal Support
Unreimbursed Medical & Dental
Welfare, Recipients of
Year Defined for Shared Support


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Please send SupportSolver an email request for support if you are unable to solve your problem. However, please take the following into consideration first:

  1. SupportSolver™ has endeavored to provide all the information needed to use the child support worksheets. Please read all of the material provided on this Help page as well as the instruction pages, law and procedures page and forms page. Careful reading should answer all of your problems.
  2. Please be aware that we can only address technical type questions. We cannot provide legal advice or apply the law to the facts of your individual case.




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